YL : ouverture de la sélection 2014

Décembre 2013
Info : young-leaders@french-american.org



La French-American Foundation ouvre le processus de sélection 2014 de son programme Young Leaders.

The Young Leaders program, the flagship program of the French-American Foundation, was created in 1981 to foster a new network of transatlantic leaders. Since its inception, the program has taken small groups of carefully selected up-and-coming leaders in government, business, media, military and cultural sectors.

During two consecutive years- once in France and once in the United States- the program has provided selected participants with the opportunity to spend five days together discussing issues of common concern and, more importantly, getting to know each other. The relaxed atmosphere and the off-the-record nature of the Young Leaders annual sessions have fostered trenchant and open discussions of policy and social issues and have been very successful in facilitating the development of durable ties between French and American leaders.

Since 1981, Young Leaders meetings have been attended by over 400 influential men and women, many of whom have gone on to positions of significant responsibility.

For all the details, please download the two documents below :